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Mind Lab Pro is a dietary supplement consisting of eleven effective and advanced Nootropics for the treatment of anxiety, depression, anxiety disorders, and other mental health problems.

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In the first example, most nootropic supplements focus on a specific part of the brain, such as the prefrontal cortex or frontal cortex. Optinutra, on the other hand, has developed a product that can optimize critical aspects of brain function.

It is often said that no supplement provides 100% brainpower, which is hard to prove but gives you an idea of what you want to do. It offers a lot of value, and the advantage is that it provides a wide range of brain functions, not just one or two specific ones.

Where can I buy it, what it works for, and what the science behind it is, what science is all about, but where can I buy it?

The British company Opti – Nutra Limited, founded in 2015, developed the mind Lab Pro as part of its research and development program in neurobiology.


We have conducted a comprehensive investigation of the company as part of our study. Based on our research, we are confident that it is a very trustworthy company that has developed several dietary supplements. The supplement is made in the US, but they have a development team in the UK and work with local universities, which is advantageous.

We even visited the headquarters and met with the founder and the entire team to confirm that it is a real company. They have a great team and a great vision, and I am very impressed by their product quality and commitment to the community.


In the years since I adopted it, it has become one of the most popular nootropic stacks. Mind Lab Pro has undoubtedly contributed significantly to Nootropics’ growth in recent years, particularly to the increasing popularity of mind-body – health stacks.

Second, it contains very high-quality ingredients, and third, it offers incredible benefits in terms of mental and physical health and physical and emotional well-being.

First, let us look at what happened during the first testing and review period, and then try it out several times. I tested the Mind Lab Pro for a few months to see how effective it was and if it was effective.

I hope many supplements boost memory, but I did some thorough research before I decided to test it. I have looked at other reviews, checked the ingredients in detail, reviewed the recipe, and even talked to some customers about their experience with Mind Lab Pro and its memory effect. The team behind the product has also been thoroughly investigated, and the company’s recipes and website have been reviewed.

Knowing that I was dealing with a potentially great supplement, I couldn’t wait to try it out, and when the package arrived, I wasn’t too excited. The first two capsules I took the next day, the second the next day, and then the third a few days later.

I looked at my watch for about 15 minutes, and then I expected great magic, a massive burst of energy.

I knew what was coming, I knew it was just around the corner, and then I started to feel it. I stayed up for a couple of hours, knowing I was in the middle of the second half of my 5,000m run, the last half mile.

I decided to increase my daily dose to 3-4 capsules, but even better was the increase, it was only 2-3 capsules per day, not 4-5.

It is hard to explain precisely what has changed, but I could easily see the difference in my focus and productivity. I remember well how I wrote at that time, and it became more comfortable and more accessible; I remembered writing more and more.

I don’t get a healthy energy kick after taking the capsule, but I love a slight boost. What I like is the focus that Mind Lab Pro offers, not only for my writing but for the rest of my life.

I could quickly get into a focused flow in the morning and stay focused for hours, and it seemed like my mental energy was increasing. It had something magical about it, and I could get back into focus and flow quickly in the morning, although I’m still a bit tired.


When I needed an intense boost of energy, I combined it with a cup of coffee. And it felt like nothing could stop me. I concentrated for hours and became so focused that I took my morning off and became more concentrated and focused than I had been before.

I didn’t get a big boost of energy, but I increased my productivity to a level I hadn’t known before, and I was delighted with the results. As I played around with testing supplements and nootropics, I also noticed that my focus improved.


I didn’t notice any significant change in mood, but it was a slight improvement that I appreciated. My focus has improved dramatically during the testing phase, and my productivity has been at its peak. I became very efficient, felt fantastic with a lot of energy, and focused more on my work and was less distracted. Based on research, scientific facts, and experiments, I believe that taking Mind Lab Pro has a very positive effect on cognitive function.

Most importantly, my regular tests show that it improves my performance, and that’s why I’m still putting it in my Nootropic stack. I’ve tried over 100 Nootropics since 2013, and Mind Lab Pro remains one of my preferred options, although there are many other essential nootropics and supplements on the market. In 2017, 2018, and again in 2019, I secure Mind lab Pro as one of my favorite nootropics.


Mind Lab Pro contains 11 research-based ingredients. For a more detailed explanation of each ingredient, please read the full list of ingredients in the Nootropic Mind lab Pro Guide.


Citicoline is a natural substance that can improve memory and support cognitive function. In this nootropic stack, you will find 250 mg of high-quality citicoline, which can quickly increase your acetylcholine level. This is very close to the optimal dosage and is one of the most effective Nootropics in the Nootropic Mind Lab Pro Stack.


Phosphatidylserine is a cell protein that can improve working memory, reduce stress, and stimulate attention. Mind Lab Pro also uses Cognizin, a brand name for citicoline, as an alternative to the Nootropic Mind lab Pro Stack.

Of course, phosphatidylserine levels decrease with increasing aging, but not as much as with other proteins such as citicoline, Cognizin, or citicoline.

Natural Ingredients

Therefore, this supplement is an excellent way to optimize long-term brain performance and help with anxiety, stress, and depression. Bacopa monnieri is a widely used adaptogen herb known for its cognitive-enhancing properties and should be included in any serious nootropic supplement.

Mind Lab Pro contains a higher quality extract than a typical powder, but the main difference is the amount of active bacoside in the extract. When you look at Bacopa Monnieri extract, you should look for an extract that contains much higher amounts of the active ingredient.

Dandelion Mane is a medicinal fungus that increases nerve growth factor (NGF) and can prevent cognitive dysfunction. The higher NFG content means that neurons mature and repair much faster, and the higher the concentration, the faster the repair process.

Those interested in long-term perception should also have lion’s mane on the menu. This is just one example of an ingredient that offers long-term benefits, but not the only one.

Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogenic herb that can increase mental performance and is often used to help with brain fog. It supports the brain and helps with clear thinking. So it’s the right choice for mental health professionals and those who often use it to help with a brain haze.

Rhodiola is a very effective nootropic that works well with other substances in the stack, so double the Rhodiola dose would bring you all the benefits. Mind Lab Pro contains 2.5 mg per day or 1 / 3 of a single dose and is associated with cognitive performance.

Amino Acids

L – Tyrosine is an amino acid known for its cognitive and physical properties and increases dopamine production.

This can be beneficial for people under severe stress, but studies on its positive effects are limited. Tyrosine is not a necessary substance for brain performance and does no harm, so it is still beneficial to have this ingredient in the stack. Tyrosine is a trendy antidepressant as it can cause anxiety, depression, anxiety disorders, and even depression.

One of my favorite nootropics on the market is L-theanine, which can induce a state of calm and relaxation while sharpening concentration, attention, and alertness. It also increases the activity of brain currents to have a positive effect on cognitive performance.

Additionally, 100 mg L-Theanine is the recommended minimum dose, and Mind Lab Pro does not contain caffeine, so you may not get all the benefits of this substance.

The dose you will find in this supplement is high enough, so there is no need to worry about it, but it is not too high for the average person.

This pine bark extract improves brain circulation, enhances the activity of neurotransmitters, and is an antioxidant that supports brain cells. This is not your typical Nootropic, but it offers a whole range of advantages.

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