The Nootropics Guide aims to be the #1 resource for nootropics in the world.

Achieving Our Mission

We specifically chose an infinite mission for The Nootropics Guide. How is it possible to be the leading resource? Who determines this? We established guiding principles to achieve our mission and believe it is possible through:

  • Heavily researched articles
  • Scientific rigor and oversight
  • Trustworthy, engaging content
  • Human stories and experiences
  • Valuable information and resources
  • Recommendations from real product use

After a review of top Nootropics sites, we found the primary motivation is affiliate marketing and reviewers never took the supplements or stacks they recommend.

Founding Team

The Nootropics Guide was founded by two biohackers: Stephen M. Walker II and Guillaume D. Champeau.

Stephen is a biohacker, author, and entrepreneur. In 2020 he founded the biohacker startup Unfair. He previously held senior positions at startups, Capital One, and Amazon. In his spare time he writes about product strategy and helps early-stage startups find PMF.

In 2008, Stephen worked as a product designer at an online collaboration startup. The CEO told him about the founding team’s experience taking Modafinil to build and launch their MVP prior to hiring the team. The CEO explained that fighter pilots take Modafinil on 36+ hour missions to maintain alertness and reaction time, but it was now making its way through the startup community.

Stephen began his nootropics journey in 2010. After a climbing accident, he discovered L-Tyrosine to offset the negative side-effects of prescription pain killers that left him foggy. The immediate, impressive results from L-Tyrosine led to further Amino Acids research and experimentation. In 2012 with the rise of the quantified-self movement, Stephen began experimenting and tracking a wider range of supplements from choline and creatine to modafinil and racetams.

“Between traveling for work and renting my apartment on Airbnb, I was mostly on the road throughout 2013 and 2014. I traveled with a duffel bag full of nootropics, a scale, and a capsule maker to measure and build stacks.

I received odd looks from friends as I stacked white powders on a scale, but it was during this period that I did the most exploration and journaling of effects over time.

This focus on my health and nootropics radically changed my life.”


After a decade of self-experimentation, Stephen is now focused on building tools for others to leverage high-performance best practices for the mind and body. In 2020 he launched Unfair with Guillaume, a startup focused on helping people develop their unfair advantage with AI-powered biohacking guidance.

Compensation Disclosure

This site is entirely self-funded and The Nootropics Guide generates revenue in a number of ways. Most importantly, if we recommend a product and link to another site where you make a purchase, we likely receive a commission on the sale. This covers the cost of bandwidth, servers, software, and other expenses.

We personally vet any product or service that we recommend. Whenever possible, we secure a better price or discount for you.

Additionally, we may receive samples or other free products for our experiments. Thanks to Tim Ferris for pioneering a human approach to FTC compliance.

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. However, the price is the same for you regardless if you use an affiliate link found on this site or not.

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