Hacking Work Productivity: the 10 Best Nootropics and Habits

In this article, we will outline 42 productivity hacks that will help you understand how to work smarter, improve the quality of your work life, and develop habits that will save you time, energy, and mental stress in the long run. Digging deep into the real-world productivity fundamentals that optimize where you work, what you do, how you use it, and how it works smarter for you. [Sources: 9, 21]

Mental Improvements

Once you have an excellent nootropic that you can use to increase your brain performance, improve mental clarity and concentration, and improve memory, you have put the last two stones on the foundation of your cognitive health. Mind Lab Pro is a recommended brain supplement because it not only improves brain health but can also help improve your cognition. [Sources: 4, 12]

Natural Stacks

How it improves productivity: L – Theanin’s productivity – the increase in performance is based on his ability to reduce stress and promote relaxation without getting tired or sleepy, according to Dr. Ashwagandha Shastri, neuroscientist and founder of Mind Lab Pro. It improves brain health by increasing dopamine and norepinephrine release in the prefrontal cortex and the brain’s response to stress. [Sources: 0, 14]


This just one example of how nootropics improve brain function, but it all depends on what your brain needs to function at the highest level. For example, you can take a nootropic supplement to improve your focus, another to improve your memory, or experiment with a quick repair. Here are some of the most popular and their effects on productivity and productivity to better understand these supplements. [Sources: 5, 8, 10]

Rhodiola is an excellent herb, and it is one of the most popular nootropic dietary supplements available on the market today. The nootropics in this stack are the best nootropic supplements you can take to achieve specific cognitive benefits. They are not always suitable for pharmaceutical use but may be similar to other substances that can improve in healthy people. [Sources: 5, 18]


This adaptogen is one of the best nootropics ever. It helps to reduce stress and fatigue, increase energy, alertness, and endurance, while at the same time increasing mental performance in times of chronic stress. This is also supported by research showing that kratom has a stimulating effect on the brain, boosting energy, improving concentration, and making you more productive. [Sources: 11, 17]

Smart Drugs

If you want to learn more about these smart medications, the subreddit r / Nootropics is an excellent place to start. You can achieve superior mental performance by stringing together nootropics that improve attention from many different angles. While some increase attention and others have side effects, all-natural Nootropics strengthen your concentration and improve your health at the same time. For a list of the best-defined benefit schemes, see our Nootropic List. [Sources: 1, 15, 20]


This podcast is a weekly look at how you can be more productive in your daily life, focusing on work performance, productivity, and mental health. [Sources: 7]

Startup Life Hacks

Startup Life Hacks are ways to improve your productivity, boost your cognitive performance and concentration, and make things more comfortable in the office. If you are struggling to stay productive, these productivity hacks will help you look at your work from a whole new perspective. [Sources: 9, 18]

What Are Nootropics

Nootropics are medicines, supplements, or substances that are said to improve cognitive function, particularly concentration, memory, creativity, and motivation, as well as the ability to concentrate. Silicon Valley, better known as “smart drugs” or “nootropics,” are cognitive enhancements that support concentration, memory, creativity, and motivation. As for the direct exit from the future, they are also known as smart drugs or cognitive enhancers. These supplements, also known as smart drugs, can improve cognitive function, and advocates claim that Nootropic can positively affect creativity, memory, and motivation, and even cause mental health effects. [Sources: 2, 13, 22]

If you haven’t heard the term “nootropics,” also known as smart medications, they are cognitive supplements that optimize multiple systems in the brain to improve concentration, memory, alertness, and reduce stress and mental fatigue, which can increase productivity. While long-term use of Nootropika is not recommended, amphetamines (legally available, such as modafinil) can be used to achieve specific short-term goals, so try using them for immediate energy and focus enhancement. [Sources: 3, 4, 15]

If you are interested in activating more of your brain potential, especially at work, a good nootropic supplement is worth a closer look. These supplements can put you in a state of creative zen concentration, with increased reflexes and better productivity. From stress tonics to anxiety, nootropics can be the micro and stimulant you need to get through your day at work. [Sources: 5, 16, 19]

If you are interested in improving your productivity and concentration, you have probably already tossed the term “nootropic” around. Nootropic is a group of plants, substances, foods, and supplements that have positive effects on concentration and mental performance. Popular nootropic supplements have impressive neurological protective qualities that are important for maintaining a healthy brain. [Sources: 0, 6, 23]


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